CBSE Question Bank Books

New Books will be available till 15th October with 2023 questions including compart questions.

Download Physics Question Bank 2024

Download Chemistry Question Bank

Currently working on new question bank books for students who will appear for 2024 board exams.

The updated books will contain:

Install the Libgen Books App to buy and read the full book in PDF Format available at Google Play Store.

All the Question Banks Books will be available till October First Week 2023 and your Board exam will start from last week of Feb or first week of March 2024. So If you can wait till October you will get the best question bank at price ₹53 with all the recent questions of 2023 including compart questions which other publisher's won't publish. Else you can buy other publisher's book.

If you want to see the quality of our book then you can download our Question Bank books of 2023 board exam link given below of Telegram Channel.

We are building our separate app to make available all the books we will publish for students including CUET Question Bank books at price range between ₹50 - ₹65. publishes CBSE Question Bank Books in

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